Data Scientist

Data Scientist in Houston, Texas

QuigPro, Inc. seeks a Data Scientist in Houston, TX.


-Collecting data through means such as analyzing QuigPro and it’s affiliate’s business results or
by setting up and managing new studies (10%)
-Creating reports and presentations for business uses (5%)
-Using QuigPro’s unique technology to manage Google Ads and our lead generation campaigns
-Remain up to date with Google conversion tracking and advertisement systems (5%)
-Remain up to date with Facebook and other digital marketing platforms (3%)
-Support our ongoing QuiGrow project campaigns (3%)
-Manage and analyze Google marketing data for lead generation and cost optimization. (15%)
-Utilize customer discovery insights to enhance Google Ads Campaigns and implement
automation strategies for customer acquisition and retention. (10%)
-Develop and maintain Data Infrastructure pipelines (ETL) for Google Ads campaigns. (10%)
-Create real-time KPI monitoring dashboards in collaboration with operations and IT. (5%)
-Conduct data migration from Google Ads and Facebook Ads Databases to our system’s databases in AWS.(5%)
-Develop a real-time Digital Marketing opportunity prediction model using Machine Learning and
statistical methods.(15%)
-Manage marketing data for comprehensive campaign analysis to extract insights regarding
marketing trends and customer behavior. (4%)
Requirements: Master’s in Computer Science, Systems Engineering and Data Analysis or related engineering degrees. This position also requires one year of experience in the following disciplines:
-Google and Facebook ads platforms and management
-Data Analysis and Modeling with statistical and machine learning methods with Python or any
other object oriented programming
-Database administration and development with writing complex SQL procedures
-Developing ETL data pipelines from ads platforms (Google, Facebook) to our proprietary CRM
-Ability of market research and figuring out trends in the industry using proper tools.
-Running experiments on the ad campaigns with various factors using A/B testing and other
quantitative statistical methods.
-preferred experience with cloud platforms like AWS, GCP
-Using Optimization techniques to balance the cost and profitability of our ad campaigns.

To apply:

Send a letter of application and resume to:

Chloie Marsh [[email protected]]

QuigPro, Inc. is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.